Trumpet Mouthpiece Kit - Interchangeable Tops, 1-1/2C, 3C, & 5C & 7C

Now a trumpet player has it all - all of the popular Trumpet sizes in a complete kit.

Sales price: $99.95


Now a trumpet player has it all - all of the popular Bach® sizes in a complete kit. The popular sizes are all here: 1-1/2C, 3C, 5C, and the 7C. The Tempest Modular Screw in system is perfect for your needs and moods. Plus, the mouthpiece rims and bowls are completely Gold Plated. This series is completely Handmade, and not a spinoff of a cheap mouthpiece series. It is from the original Mt. Vernon shanks. The back bore is our own creation utilizing the best attributes of the number 7 and 24 in the Bach® catalogue. The shank fits into any Model Trumpet - Bach®, Yamaha®, Getzen® - you name it! The Tempest Trumpet Set is completely Brand New and is shipped with Free Shipping! TEMPEST TRUMPET MOUTHPIECE KIT BACH® SIZES 1-1/2C 3C 5C 7C MODULAR SCREW IN SET