Why look back into the past for a great trumpet; the future is now.

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Why look back into the past for a great trumpet; the future is now. Tempest artisans have created a design that has the sound of a vintage trumpet; but performs with the response and intonation of today’s technology. Be on the cutting edge; play the Artists Choice – Tempest

The Handmade Tempest Trumpet is the top of the Agility Winds Series. These Trumpets resonate and feel astonishingly different - dark, robust and heavy. This remarkable instrument can easily overwhelm one, as the response, sound, weight, and carrying power are totally new to trumpet.

Start with the valve section – totally hand lapped Nickel Plated Valves that rarely need oiling. The Handmade uses a much higher Nickel content in their Nickel Silver trim to allow for even greater stability of construction and longevity. We adjust the "gap" at the receiver slightly to allow for even response, and greater depth of sound. The main tuning slide has double bracing reminiscent of older collectable trumpets. The leadpipe is made of Heavy Weight Gold-brass, for the darkest of sounds. It has a .459 bore. The 4.8” Bell is a Heavyweight design, made of Yellow Brass with a 70/30 (copper/ zinc) ratio, to even further mellow the sound.

The handmade comes with standard additions that are truly unique to the trumpet world, such as two third valve slides. One of the third valve slides is adjustable- for small hands- beginners-or high school students looking to use a lyre in marching band, and the other third valve slide is a fixed ring reminiscent of older collectable trumpets. Also included with your purchase of this remarkable instrument is a Tempest mouthpiece kit that has rim sizes of 1 1/2C, 3C, 5C, and 7C. Craftsmanship - quality - excellence.

This Handmade Trumpet is fitted into one of the most beautiful cases to be found, with all mouthpieces and accessories easily accommodated. To make the instrument even more desirable, it comes with a 5-Year Warranty.