Pocket Trumpet


Trumpet players recognize the Quality of our Tempest Trumpets immediately.


Sales price: $345.00


Trumpet players recognize the Quality of our Tempest Trumpets immediately. Because trumpet making is a combination of science and art, Tempest constantly seeks the latest innovation in design and engineering to achieve ever-higher standards.


The Tempest Bb Pocket Trumpet is a small horn with a big sound. It features a .459-inch bore with a 3.7-inch bell and has the same intonation quality as our full size trumpet. The Tempest Pocket Trumpet is very free blowing and fun to play. It can truly fit right into your pocket. Our Bb Pocket Trumpet includes a form-fitted case with shoulder strap and mouthpiece and is has a beautiful Gold Lacquer finish.



  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .459-inch
  • Leadpipe: Standard
  • Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass
  • Bell: 3.7-inch
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Valves: Monel
  • Features: Same Intonation as Full Size Trumpet
  • Compact Design
  • Case: Form Fitted Case with Shoulder Strap
  • Mouthpiece: Yes