Pocket Trumpet – Silver Plated


Trumpet players recognize the Quality of our Tempest Trumpets immediately.

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A pocket trumpet? Why should I shop around? They all play the same?- Its “not a real instrument”. The Agility Winds Pocket Trumpet defies all logic, this little guy is a beautifully Silver-plated horn, it plays in tune, the valves work great and the horn sounds fantastic by itself or in an ensemble; See what Professionals have to say:

“I am an avid patron and admirer of all genra styles of music from classical to blues to jazz to any world international styles and have brought my both laquered and silver plated agility brass b flat pocket trumpets to small and large music venues alike and having Trumpeter Chris Botti play my horn in heinz hall grand lobby Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with his autograph upon it’s bell was an honor. Chris commented how nicely constructed the pocket trumpet was and its sound very open. In addition, Akron Ohio and Firestone Hi5h School graduate and akron Ohio natives Tommy Lehmann and Josh Rzepka also from the same town and school and a josh a recent graduate of Oberlin music conservatory who is friend’s of famous trumpet player virtuoso Doc Severnson have been very impressed with the construction beauty sound and value I received from purchasing these agility brass tempest music b flat pocket trumpets. In addition, piano virtuoso and ohio native Theron Brown who played Herbie Hancok in the new soon movie Miles Ahead made a comment on how beautiful and rich the agility brass b flat silver plated pocket trumpet was in akron Ohio this current month.
Truly respectively”
Anthony Newcomb – Erie, Pennsylvania

The Tempest Pocket trumpet is a great buy and a great player