I know (our Band Directors) have been very happy with the Marching Tubas...

John Boronow
John Boronow

Tempest instruments are a great value and the instruments have proven to be durable over time.

Juanita Proffitt
Juanita ProffittCopiah-Lincoln Community College

I am so impressed with how well the Eb Clarinet blended with our other instruments.

Zachary Harris
Zachary Harris

Customer service is above and beyond. Mike and Jim came out personally and delivered our instruments.

Steve Lozano
Steve LozanoBand Director, Nixon-Smiley CISD

Customers share their thoughts about our products…


I just wanted to drop a quick note regarding my horn repair. The valves are as smooth as silk, and the tuning slides are perfect, same as the rest of my brass instruments. The leak I was concerned with on the second valve Bb slide turned out to be related to the slide thankfully. I played a three hour long concert this weekend with no issues so I think that was a really good test.

Additionally, the MC mouthpiece is a true masterpiece.  I tested it against a few of the “big name” mouthpieces I have. They should all be sent to the scrap yard.

With extensive testing at home, your MC produced my best and cleanest playing north of the staff (ON THE F SIDE OF THE HORN) which should certainly be more difficult than the Bb side as we normally play up there.

I have demonstrated this horn to the three school band directors in my ensemble (they are all original brass players). They all were impressed by my horn. It started with me having to park 3 blocks away in town to the band shell and them watching me wearing it like a backpack. Upon inspection they all agreed it is a very robust “brute” horn compared to the big name overpriced instruments. On that note, they all commented on the thickness of the metal of the mouthpiece receiver. I gave all of them your information.

Bottom line… Great instrument, great price, great service experience,  and love the ability to call an owner direct who truly has full ownership of doing right by the customer.

I will no longer consider other brand instruments for my future purchases. Great job guys.  I will be posting a great Google review for you. If you have any customers looking for a quality/ customer service reference, don’t hesitate to send them my contact info.

Jim Peppard

After several months of owning Tempest’s Silver Custom double horn (I have posted review on it, beautiful horn) I wanted to try out the Bb pocket horn. On first inspection, just like my silver horn, this thing is a brute. Built to what I would considered heavy duty standards. Very well braced, high quality metal and excellent quality rotary valves. I expected and found the same quality level as my Tempest double horn.

From a playing standpoint, it sounds like a really nice trumpet with the ability to control it with your right hand like a French horn. As a Primary horn player but trumpet player as well, I have found playing the trumpet extensively can do a number on my horn mouthpiece embouchure. Not a problem anymore. Got my trumpet sound and still building my horn embouchure! Win-win situation. My 9 year old daughter, horn player, picked it right up and does a great job on this horn too. Also- LOTS OF FUN TO PLAY!!

I would recommend the Tempest MC mouthpiece to compliment this instrument, same as the full size double horn. Believe me it’s worth it. Big difference.

It is worth noting that this horn uses trumpet fingering.

Another high quality instrument at a very reasonable price. I don’t consider other brands anymore for future instrument purchases.  Mike and Jim, great job, another great instrument and second time happy customer.

Jim Peppard

We received the sousaphones and absolutely love them. Our tuba players have already played on them and they love the design and sound that they put out. We really appreciate your time and these instruments.

Thank you,
Anthony Gaddy

Last year we purchased nine instruments from Tempest – two full size tubas, a ¾ size rotary tuba and six handmade trumpets. First and foremost, with these new instruments, repair issues simply went away. Our old horns would break down weekly with different brass maladies. Next, the ¾ tuba simply helped to transform the sound of our middle school band for the better. Our trumpet section, equipped with these wonderful handmade horns became more consistent in their tone.

Simply, this was a quality purchase for quality instruments at a value price. For the equivalent of one and a half tubas from the big name in tuba manufacturing, we were able to put horns in the hands of nine students.

Customer service is above and beyond. Mike and Jim came out personally and delivered our instruments. I would happily and heartily recommend Tempest music instruments for anyone looking for a high quality, cost effective alternative to the more expensive name brands.

Steve Lozano
Band Director,
Nixon-Smiley CISD
High School & Middle School

I have just purchased an Agility Winds tenor saxophone from Tempest Musical Instruments in Texas. My previous horn was a Buffet SuperDynaction with a serial number of 7197. It had reached the end of the line and required a complete overhaul. This would require a huge outlay of cash which would be difficult to make and to justify in my retirement and old age. I sold the sax and salvaged as much money as I could.

I have played the sax on and off for 50 years. My father bought me a brand new Selmer Mark VI back in 1963 when I was 14 years old. I played that sax for several years but when girls became more important than playing, I sold it to buy a car (if I only knew then what I know now, I would have been better off keeping the horn). Since then, I have had a Conn 10M, a Buescher Aristocrat, and several LA Sax’s and the Buffet. I have also had several soprano and alto saxophones as well.

I saw an ad for the Tempest horn and was intrigued by it. The saxophone featured a “patented brass alloy with a very high copper content, which allows for a richer, warmer sound. It is acoustically based on the Selmer (Paris) Mark VI with state-of-the-art intonation and professional mechanism.” It has Pisoni pads with brass resonators, and blue steel springs. The deciding factors for me were that it had a 5 year warranty and a 14 day return privilege. I called Tempest and spoke to Jim who was a real Southern Gentleman. I made a great deal and ordered the horn on Wednesday and received it the following Tuesday.

Of course, the first thing I noticed was the case. It was first class. Heavy duty black canvas, several handles and back straps with a very well-padded interior.

I couldn’t wait to unwrap the sax. When I did, it took my breath away. The rose gold colored sax was beautiful. The engravings were exquisite and even the lower bow and bell keys were engraved. The abalone buttons were a knock out.

I set up the horn using the supplied mouthpiece and a number 3 Plasticover reed that I had. The sound was phenomenal. The low register was bold and easy to blow. The upper register was sweet, warm and centered. The full range plus overtones were easily attained.

I couldn’t be happier with the sax. I heartily recommend it to anyone. I think it would be especially great to buy instead of a student or intermediate model of other brands. I would also recommend it over buying a vintage horn that either costs much more and/or requires more money in repairs and repads that the total cost of this horn. This sax would satisfy any ones needs forever. And, for the price, it beats renting hands down.

Angelo Chirban

This past year we purchased an Eb Clarinet, Baritone Sax and some piccolos for my Symphonic Band. I am so impressed with how well the Eb Clarinet blended with our other instruments. All the Tempest instruments are priced very reasonable so they will fit in most middle or high school budgets. I have not used the 5 year warranty yet, but knowing that you have the added security, helps when it comes to assigning the instruments to students.

Zachary Harris

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the trumpet. This has to be the best buy out there! It keeps up with any horn. The valves were a bit tight at first but I’ve got them working smoothly and the horn gets a great sound and plays amazingly well in the upper range.

Larry Pitcher

I am an avid patron and admirer of all genra styles of music from classical to blues to jazz to any world international styles and have brought my both laquered and silver plated agility brass b flat pocket trumpets to small and large music venues alike and having Trumpeter Chris Botti play my horn in heinz hall grand lobby Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with his autograph upon it’s bell was an honor. Chris commented how nicely constructed the pocket trumpet was and its sound very open. In addition,  Akron Ohio and Firestone Hi5h School graduate and akron Ohio natives Tommy Lehmann and Josh Rzepka also from the same town and school and a josh a recent graduate of Oberlin music conservatory who is friend’s of famous trumpet player virtuoso Doc Severnson  have been very impressed with the construction beauty sound and value I received from purchasing these agility brass tempest music b flat pocket trumpets. In addition,  piano virtuoso and  ohio native Theron Brown who played Herbie Hancok in the new soon movie Miles Ahead made a comment on how beautiful and rich the agility brass b flat silver plated pocket trumpet was in akron Ohio this current month.

Truly respectively,
Anthony Newcomb
Erie, Pennsylvania

Tempest instruments are a great value and the instruments have proven to be durable over time. I am impressed with intonation and tone quality of the intermediate and upper line instruments, while some band directors in our area are using Tempest exclusively in their beginning band programs with a good result. For example,  student can start on an large bore trombone of good quality  and have many successful experiences during his or her band career. The 5-year warranty and the availability of parts for repair, make Tempest an intelligent option for the money conscious band director.

Juanita Proffitt
Director of Bands
Copiah-Lincoln Community College

This past year,  I had the task of starting a middle school band program “from the ground”, so to speak.  At our band night, Tempest Music Company wind instruments were featured.  I am proud to say that your company suited our beginner band with instruments.  Our parents, students and I as a band director have been most satisfied.  I do believe that  using same brand quality instruments aid in developing a uniformed band sound.  When  testing instruments,  the rep suggested that I try the “Gabriel” trumpet.  I was very impressed with the sound and response of that horn that I purchased it that day.  I play it each Sunday at church and I have used it on every live job and studio session since I purchased it. Tempest is providing good quality instruments at a reasonable price.  Keep up the great work!

Kimble Funchess
Yazoo County Middle School

I know (our Band Directors) have been very happy with the Marching Tubas, and this has prompted them to order this next round of Marching Baritones.  They have been happy with the quality and sound of the instruments, as well as the look.

From a customer service standpoint, I thank you for your always prompt replies to our email requests, quotes, PO info etc.  Tempest has been very easy to deal with in ordering and shipping, and we appreciate your efforts to make us happy.

Best wishes,
John Boronow

I have in my high school program the following instruments:
2 Tempest double horns
2 Tempest 4/4 concert tubas
1 Tempest Marching Tuba
1 Tempest Mellophone.

I could not be happier with these instruments.  Tone quality, intonation, and endurance are what I look for in an instrument for my program as well as a reasonable price tag.  Every instrument I have plays in tune with a big beautiful sound.  The staff at Tempest have always been extremely helpful when it came to answering all of my questions about their products.  I would definitely recommend this company for their BRASS instruments.

Michael Swiber
Band Director
Morgan City High School
J.B. Maitland Elementary
Wyandotte Elementary