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We want to provide you with the highest quality musical instrument – that is the bottom line. With our dedication to your satisfaction, fulfillment becomes a reality. Tempest Musical Instruments is a professional Musical Instrument Factory with the most trained and experienced workers assembled from all over the world. We manage every phase of the manufacturing, quality control and after sale warranty. We sell direct from our factories, and do not go through importers, distributors or wholesalers – thus the prices are in your favor. All of our instruments carry a 5 year warranty. We demand your purchase goes without a hitch, so satisfaction is totally accomplished.

Since we are the sole source for Tempest we have a large stock of the products that we sell and we ship with a 24-hour turnaround.

We received the sousaphones and absolutely love them. Our tuba players have already played on them and they love the design and sound that they put out. We really appreciate your time and these instruments.
Thank you,

Anthony Gaddy

We give our cell phone numbers to you; there are no annoying answering services that refer you to other departments that do not understand the band language, you speak directly with Mike or Jim 24/7.